Sustainable Investment

An offer combining financial performance with environmental, social & governance (ESG) parameters.

Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) is gaining momentum and outgrowing the traditional investment market. It has grown by 25% globally since 2014 and more than a third of professionally managed assets in Europe are currently invested according to strategies that factor in some environmental, social and governance parameters.

For our clients, SRI or “sustainable investing” improves the risk-return profile of their portfolios while meeting the demands of end investors, stakeholders and regulators.

With a top-ranked ESG Research team, performing index solutions and a broad socially responsible product offer - ranging from the most vanilla to the most customized proposal - our aim is to deliver sustainable investment solutions that fit the diverse ESG & SRI strategies of our clients.

ESG Research
A top-ranked research
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Performing index solutions
Sustainable Investment product offer
An innovative sustainable investment product offer
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