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SG CIB is ready to accompany you in all your electronic trading needs across asset classes.

Access your platform of choice and the liquidity you need through the broad and flexible range of services offered by Societe Generale.

Our success is based on state-of-the-art pricing engines. Our proprietary models provide highly liquid auto-quotes allowing us to offer you access to some of the best prices across a wide range of products.
With real time performance monitoring and regular upgrades, Societe Generale has become one of the most reliable and active participants in the world of e-trading.

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Alpha is SG CIB’s powerful electronic trading platform now with integrated multi-asset execution, pre-trade and post-trade solutions. It offers you a single platform to manage your electronic execution with the flexibility and speed you need.

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Alpha Metal is SG CIB’s electronic trading platform for Base Metals. You can trade directly on LMEselect using Societe Generale's category 1 Membership or access direct internal liquidity.

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QES provides global access to the financial markets in cash equities through its unique algorithmic, Direct Market Access (DMA) and execution consultancy services. QES offers access to 44 electronic exchanges in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific and via the AlphaY crossing network and smart-order routing capabilities such as MTF.

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Simple and efficient, Adequity.fr/ordres allows French Independent Financial Advisors to book their orders online for the entire Adequity range of products.

Societe Generale Electronic Markets also provides competitive pricing and committed liquidity on all major third-party platforms on Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Metals and Equity asset classes including Trade web, Bloomberg, FXall, 360T, Reuters RTFX and Currenex, or through online GUI/API with on-request STP.



SG Research

Societe Generale Cross-Asset Research offers insight on financial markets from a highly rated set of daily, weekly and monthly multi-asset research publications with a comprehensive expertise in economics, quantitative research, strategy & asset allocation, commodities, credit, currencies, rates, emerging markets, equity, derivatives, technical analysis and SRI.


Volhub is an online equity derivatives research platform that allows investors to choose the best options when implementing volatility pair trade scenarios. A first for the market.


Shield is a Corporate Risk Management portal that provides high-quality solutions across the whole product spectrum, from the use of derivatives to manage both day-to-day and event-driven risks; to bond pricing and execution strategy.

EF market intelligence

On the EF Market Intelligence portal, SG CIB’s Equity Finance team advises clients on stock loan management and funding, and proposes bespoke solutions drawing on the bank’s expertise in the security lending market.


SG SAI provides online access and interactive simulations on a large scope of fund-linked transactions. Users can display reports related to transactions, portfolios and run simulations based on real or virtual portfolios.


Ivoryfund is an exclusive service dedicated to brokers that allows them to share and evaluate trade ideas, stock picks and investment recommendations.




SG Markets Post-Trade Services

Your dedicated access to SG Markets Post-Trade Services, a free and secure service available 24/7, including Regulatory Update – comprehensive information on key regulatory topics.

SG Markets E-Confirmation

Match your confirmations on equity derivatives, interest rates, commodities and foreign exchange online, helping you meet the new regulatory deadlines.

SG Markets E reconciliation

Proactively reconcile your portfolio of OTC derivatives trades.

SG Markets E reporting

Access your portfolio of OTC derivatives trades that SGCIB is reporting to EMIR regulators on your behalf.

SG Markets E Billing

e-Billing is the perfect tool for distributors to save valuable time with on-line post trade services. E-billing enables distributors to monitor (receive, review and validate) their distribution agreements, supplemental, invoices and any other related documents.

SG Markets Valuation

 Access your portfolio and follow the evolution of your transactions with SG CIB.


This website supports Global Financing Solutions’ alternative approach to traditional Prime Brokerage with daily reports on solutions such as Dynamic Portfolio Swap (DPS), Equity Linked Swaps (ELS), Guaranteed Borrow, European Synthetics, Certificates and Index and Sector Future/Swaps.