A pioneer in equity and equity derivatives

SG CIB is the trusted choice in equity flow expertise for asset managers, hedge funds, pension funds, banks and insurance companies.

We are well known to investors as a leader in global equity derivatives, delivering pioneering solutions for more than 20 years.

As a leading broker in both equity and derivative exchanges, we are strongly positioned both to meet client-trading needs and to provide insight into market flows. Clients especially value our commitment to provide liquidity and competitive pricing even in challenging markets.

That same innovative thinking is available across the equity chain – from equity research to trading, from equity finance to listed products.

We provide the insights, the products and the execution that enable our clients to carry out their chosen strategy, capture new opportunities and ultimately deliver performance ahead of their peers or benchmark.

Whatever the challenge, we aim to deliver equity flow solutions that allow our clients to achieve more.

An unrivalled commitment to equity derivatives, recognised globally.