Green, social and Positive Impact bonds

Our unique platform combines Societe Generale’s longstanding environmental, social and impact structuring expertise with our leading debt capital markets structuring and distribution platform.

The successful issuance of two EUR 500 million Positive Impact bonds (2015 and 2016), demonstrated the bank’s capabilities to develop innovative sustainable funding solutions for a low-carbon economy.

Our clients’ activity in this field is increasing: in 2016, Societe Generale contributed to the issue of eight green bonds totaling EUR 6 billion. In 2017, we co-led the issuance of 14 new green bonds (as of 31/12/2017). This ranks us second in Europe as of end of December 2017 and seventh worldwide (source: Bloomberg league tables). Between 2016 and 2020, we aim to direct (or co-direct) Green bond issuances for a cumulative nominal amount of approximately EUR 85 billion.

Societe Generale is also supporting the rise of social bonds, which have recently garnered more attention following the launch of the Social Bond Principles in June 2017. We have seen a ten-fold increase in issuance of green bonds between 2013 and 2017. Societe Generale believes that the social bond market also has great potential and intends to support it

Furthermore, Societe Generale is active across the entire spectrum of the green bond market, having participated in various private placements and RMBS.

Societe Generale led the successful placement of the EUR500 million Green Storm 2016 and the EUR 550 million Green Storm 2017 transactions, which were largely oversubscribed and backed by mortgage loans related to energy-efficient residential buildings or improved energy efficiency in houses. Those transactions were aligned with the best market practices such as the Green Bond Principles. This RMBS received the award for Innovation of Environmental Finance, as well as the best asset-based bond.