Societe Generale key milestones

Key Milestones

  • Societe Generale participates in the United Nations Environment Program Finance initiative (UNEP FI).

  • The Societe Generale ESG Research is shaped. The team is ranked #1 by Extel in 2015 and 2016 for its SRI/Sustainable development research.

    Societe Generale creates a dedicated team for renewable energy financing.

  • Launch of a range of SRI indices supporting companies in sustainable development on water, photovoltaic, environment and alternative energy.

  • Adoption of the Equator Principles.

    Launch by Lyxor of SRI thematic ETFs.

  • Societe Generale supports Air Liquide, the 1st corporate in Europe to issue a SRI bond

  • A dedicated Positive Impact Finance team is created within Societe Generale.
    Societe Generale leads a working Group within ORSE* on Positive Impact.
    * Observatoire de la responsabilité sociale des entreprises

  • Societe Generale and ORSE release a methodological guidance on Positive Impact

    70% of the Group's new lending to the power generation sector goes to renewables. Societe Generale ranks in the world's top ten financers of renewable energies.

    Societe Generale announces the launch of the first socially responsible cash deposits for corporates.

    Lyxor signs to the Principles for Responsible Investment set out by the United Nations

  • Further to Societe Generale’s proposal, the UNEP FI Banking Commission launches the Positive Impact Initiative.

    Societe Generale issues its first Positive Impact Bond.

  • Societe Generale & the European Investment Bank sign a framework guarantee agreement to support shipbuilding projects promoting sustainable transport and environmental protection.

    Societe Generale advises and finances almost all the offshore wind farms in Europe.

    Launch of Lyxor products with ESG integration (Lyxor Gari fund, Socially responsible strategy).

    Implementation of ESG & carbon rating on Lyxor funds.

    Societe Generale stops dedicated coal financing and targets doubling its funding allocation for renewable energy client projects by 2020 (€ 10bn).

  • Lyxor launches the world's first ETF offering investors exposure to investment grade green bonds market.

    Societe Generale advises the Republic of France on executing the first Euro-zone government green benchmark, which is also the largest green bond ever (EUR 7bn).