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Are digital solutions in structured products tailored to your needs?

Between macropolitical turmoil, negotiating fees and managing their daily activities, hedge fund managers must pay attention to a wide range of factors that have direct and indirect impacts on their business expenses.

SG Markets Structured Products online trading platform provides pricing and execution capability for primary issuance. Users have access to a wide range of payoffs and cross-asset underlying, allowing unlimited price requests to optimise your price discovery and execute tradable quotes 24hrs a day. Tailored key features include:Structured Products

  • 1,800+ underlying assets, including major Euro, US and Asian Stocks, Indices, ETFs, Commodities and Credit
  • Notes, Swaps and Options Wrappers
  • Autocall structures including worst-of baskets, step-up and step-down mechanisms, fixed or conditional coupons
  • Credit-Linked Notes with guaranteed or floating coupons
  • Secondary Market with automatic trade booking functionality
  • Enhanced pre and post-trade services

(*The value of your investment can go up or down)

David Wood Head of Electronic Business Societe Generale