Solutions for our clients

For Investors

We are asset class agnostic, yet experts and specialists.

Our DNA is made of solution finding for our clients, engineering and structuring, smart thinking, and across all asset classes so that we understand our clients unique situation and what they need from a long term global markets partner, be it trade ideas, hedging advice or investment proposals.

We believe one of our core missions is to provide investors with market liquidity when they need it, relying on our global client base, our deep market making capabilities and our worldwide market access.


With the environment becoming ever more unpredictable, our ideas and insights aim to cut through the noise, zeroing in on the facts that matter for our clients strategy. Across developed and emerging markets, our views cover the full range of asset classes, as well as the links between them. Deep analysis and trade ideas give them an edge, sharpening their investment performance.

Investment solutions

Yield within clients set risk-reward framework is what our experts will aim to deliver, capitalizing on expertise across assets and our engineering know-how.

Risk Management solutions

Corporates and investors face a wider range of risks than ever before. Through our risk management teams they can hedge their risks, whether they are a European corporate wishing to manage FX risk or an investment fund seeking to manage a range of market risks. Across developed and emerging markets, we provide risk analysis, advice and implementation across the full range of asset classes, including:

Market Access

Our global network gives our clients exceptional markets access. Execution through more than 125 local markets and exchanges, and a global market-making business across all asset classes, make us as a powerful, long-term, capital  markets partner. Our services include 150 specialists providing genuine cross-asset class execution, as well as specialist traders with fresh insights and quantitative algorithms that fine tune the implementation of your strategy.