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In unconventional times, how can derivative solutions give you an edge ?

Today’s unconventional markets call upon sophisticated scenario analysis and innovative hedging approaches, As a leader in derivatives, Societe Generale is helping its clients with innovative solutions to address key market challenges, including:

With central banks tightening, what’s the impact for cross asset volatility?

The Negative interest rates policy (NIRP) has become a hindrance for banks’ net interest margins.

Presenting to our clients the point at which higher interest rates become a headwind for risk assets to usher an era of higher realized volatility , is proving to be a pivotal decision factor.

Can Europe decouple from the US?

The valuation gap between US and Europe is likely to close as Europe’s economic momentum increases with a vengeance

Inflows into European equities have become the path of least resistance.

How to risk manage portfolios around market events

Reading implied volatility risk premium across asset classes priced by political events  is complex. Societe Generale has developed a range of solutions to take advantage of the asynchronicity of risk premium across asset classes.

The low volatility conundrum

Changes in the business cycle regime are still not affecting depressed volatility. This is where yield enhancement structured products and systematic volatility  selling strategies are helping to drive performance for our clients.

Can the use of hybrids deliver more reliable outcomes?

Implied correlation across equity, FX and rates can be monetised in order to cheapen hedges.

Dual digital and contingent options have become very popular solutions  and more efficient trades around Brexit, Frexit and Renzit

Is the trumpflation trade dead or alive?

Uncertainty surrounding the timing of the US Tax reform has taken momentum out of US assets, with US Inflation still below expectations, despite unemployment at the NAIRU.

The unwind of the reflation trades has become the path of least resistance. Therefore, hybrids options, such as equity puts contingent on US rates lowering, are a solution for efficient hedging  that take advantage of attractive cross asset implied correlation levels.

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