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Lyxor’s diversification is a success

By Christophe Mianné, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lyxor Asset Management

In releasing its results on 12 February 2014, Societe Generale provided for the first time a few more details on its specialized asset management company, Lyxor Asset Management.

Lyxor is in good financial health. Its assets under management rose by 6% and +5 billion euros in 2013, to 80 billion euros, and its revenues were up 8.6%, thanks to positive inflows driven by the widening in its product range, particularly in 2013.

These good results show that Lyxor's long-standing strengths - ETFs & Indexing, Alternative Investments, and Structured Investments- are solid and supplemented to good effect by a diversification in its business mix.

In Alternative Investments, Lyxor's Managed Accounts Platform maintained its excellent standing in the industry, as seen in the nine awards it received in 2013, and it expanded its assets under management, throughout 2013. The funds of hedge funds managed by Lyxor also achieved positive inflows and performed well last year.

Lyxor's market share in ETFs rose during the year, and we successfully diversified our index-replication solutions. With more than 30 billion euros in assets, by far the largest volume on Euronext Paris, Lyxor is a major player in this field.

Most importantly, Lyxor in 2013 diversified its growth drivers, first with absolute return quantitative funds such as ARMA (+9.4%) and Epsilon (+16.7%), which was recently elected "Best Fund 2013" in the "Managed Futures" category by EuroHedge, but also with products that help manage banks' liquidity buffers, and with the credit funds launched in 2013.

Innovation and expertise remain key, as does the link with SG CIB's market activities, with which there are numerous synergies. For example, in ETFs, Lyxor has developed a SGQI fund based on an index put together by Societe Generale's equity research.

Lyxor, a strategic business for Societe Generale, is well positioned to meet its challenges in 2014!