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Bld Zorana Djindjica 50a/b
11070 Novi Beograd Belgrade
Tel : +381 11 222 1 226
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Since 2008, SGSS Serbia has been represented locally by Societe Generale Banka Srbija.

The bank gained its reputation as a leading bank in the Serbian market through professionalism, quality service and team spirit, based on the standards of the Societe Generale Group. Societe Generale Srbija trusts in the future development of Serbia and is dedicated to provide qualitative and sustainable banking services to the Serbian economy.

At a glance...

  1. 1A full suite of services
    Our main activities consist of local and global custody, depositary and trustee services, securities and cash account administration, as well as corporate action services.
  2. 2Our exceptional services are recognised globally
    We provide tailor-made offers for all types of clientele and provide extensive reporting on all relevant market events. Global Investor Magazine has also recognised our quality services by granting us top-rated scores for sub-custody services three times in the past four years.
  3. 3Part of a strong universal bank
    Societe Generale Banka Srbija is proud to be the 5th largest bank in Serbia (in terms of assets) with a market share of over 7%. We are among the top three Serbian custodians and we hold 100% of the market for pension funds services. We have over 100 branches with nearly 1,500 employees serving nearly 250,000 clients.
  4. 4A strong and experienced team

    Our team of experts is comprised of professionals with extensive careers in the securities industry. Additionally, we’ve been servicing a wide variety of clients (investment and commercial banks, brokers, asset managers, pension and investment funds, insurance companies) for over ten years.

Local Sales Contact

Marko Markovic
Tel: +381 11 222 1 226
Email: Marko.Markovic@socgen.com

International Sales Contact

Andrew Duffin
Tel: +44 (0) 207 762 4064
Email: andrew.duffin@sgss.socgen.com