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bulevard Aleksandar Stamboliyski 73
1303 Sofia
Tel : +359 2 93 70 556
Fax :

SGSS Bulgaria, established in 2008, is represented locally by Societe Generale Expressbank. Our custody services unit was recently remodeled under new standards, which included cutting-edge system enhancements.

At a glance...

  1. 1A full suite of services
    Our main activities consist of local and global custody, as well as trustee and forex services. These include safekeeping of all locally traded financial instruments on regulated markets, securities traded on international markets, OTC,  net asset valuation (NAV) and calculation control.
  2. 2Exceptional services, exceptional clients
    Thanks to our distinguished services and offers, our main clients are institutional investors; however, the bank attracts clients such as local and corporate brokerage houses, mutual funds and banks.
  3. 3Part of a strong universal bank
    Today, SG Expressbank is ranked as the 6th private bank in Bulgaria with 150 branches, 1,500 employees and over 423,000 clients. The bank has enjoyed great success with over 1,000 deals of bond trades and foreign equities.
  4. 4An experienced team locally and globally
    We are an expert team who supports clients in their development and who provides quality services.

Local Sales Contact

Kaloyan Maslarsky 
Tel: +359 2 937 05 70
Email: kaloyan.maslarsky@socgen.com

International Sales Contact

Andrew Duffin
Tel: +44 (0) 207 762 4064
Email: andrew.duffin@sgss.socgen.com